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Update News
18 Jul 2014 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Information of the family contained in the Diary of Caroline Eliza Sanderson (1841-1933), who married Alexander Charles Baddeley Moffat, and many of whose children built a new life in Argentina.

5 Jun 2014 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Information of the family of Robert Crookall Moffat and Elizabeth O’Grady. He was captain of a dredger from Fleetwood, and who moved to Dublin.;
  • Information on the family of Reginald Grahame Moffat who married in Malta to Winifred Gladys Clucas, who so disliked her forenames that she was known as Ann.

4 May 2014 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Information of the family containing several members named Robert Ireland Moffat;
  • Information on the family of Michael Moffitt from Swinford in County Mayo.

5 April 2014 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Family of Edgar John Moffat (1887-1977) and Jane Quartermaine (1887-1963) who emigrated to New Zealand.

3 February 2014 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • George Henry Moffett, of Cape Province, South Africa, adopted son of William Moffett. William had married George Henry's widowed mother, Elizabeth Mary Schreiber;
  • Margaret Moffat (1816-1898), daughter of John Moffat and Agnes Wilson, one of 8 children, and who married Adam Scott. Her father and husband were both shepherds in Berwickshire;
  • Vincent Charles Moffat, b 1924, Dorking, Sussex, died 2010, Perth, Western Australia.

30 Dec 2013 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Clarity with Festus Moffat (1895-1959), Festus Moffat (1896-1970) and Festus David Moffat (1907-1995), named after their grandfather Festus Moffat (1825-1884).;
  • Family of Robert Alexander Moffat (1901-1989), Colliery manager in Midlothian, his wife Ella Ramsay (1906-1978), son of David Moffat (1869-1946) and Jane Moffat (1861-1935).;
  • John Moffat (1840-1910), his wife Jane Deans (1843-1914) of Berwickshire, Scotland, who dedicated a family bible, and their daughter Mary Jackson Moffat (1877-1943), who bequeathed an unexpected legacy.

3 Dec 2013 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Margaret Frood Moffat (1870-1951), who married James Anderson;
  • John Knox Moffat I (1853-1924) and his children among whom John Knox Moffat II, Alfonso Moffat and Euphemia Moffat (1881-1944) who married Herbert Gifford Stower, and the family's strong links with Argentina;
  • Robert Moffat, b 1881 Fleetwood, Lancashire, but moved to Dublin, married Elizabeth O'Grady, and had a family of 11 children.

1 Nov 2013 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • The family of George Moffett, who fled his family pursued by gambling debts, leaving his long-suffering wife Georgina to bring up the family.
  • The first wife, Sarah Walton, of John Stevenson Moffatt.
  • Andrew Moffatt, of St Mary Woolnoth, London, in the mid 18th Century.
  • Sorting out the families of James Moffat, gunsmith; James Moffat, watch case maker, and James Moffat, mariner, all in early 19th century London, with wives Esther, Rebecca and Elizabeth, and their children.

2 Oct 2013 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • The family of Herbert Horace Moffatt (1881-ca1942), Staffordshire, England and his wife Jessie Maitland (1882-1942), Wandsworth, London, who emigrated to Toronto, Canada, and then moved to Seattle, Washington by way of Edmonton, Alberta. They had 5 children.

2 Sep 2013 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database.
28 Aug 2013 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • The family of Henry Nathaniel Moffett (1887-1946) and his wife Patience Nicholls (1888-1964). They had at least 19 children, of whom 14 are visible, having already passed away;
  • Corrections on the structure of the family of Stephen Moffett, Tipperary, Ireland. He married Mary Reddin in King's County (now Offaly) and emigrated to Manchester, as shown by the baptismal text for their daughter Mary Ann;
  • A note to Phyllis Moffat (1812-1890) (b Shetlands, md George Thomson, d California), that she is more correctly identified as Philadelphia Thomason.

July 2013 Minor updates to the Clan Moffat Society database.
29 June 2013 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database.
2 Apr 2008 - We are pleased to announce that our genealogical database has been augmented by the addition of some 15,000 new “Moffat” entries, as compiled by the genealogist of the Clan Moffat UK & Eire. These entries are mostly limited to Great Britain,  and limited to those bearing the name “Moffat” (or variant), as well as the husbands of Moffat women who marry. Its major advantage is that it contains ALL the Moffats resident in England, Scotland and Wales listed in the 1881 census, so that if your Moffat ancestor was in Great Britain during 1881, s/he will be in the database. Conversely, if s/he is missing, you can assume the person to be deceased, to have emigrated or, in the case of women, to have married and be using a different surname. Our goal is to increase the coverage to all Moffats listed in the UK Censuses 1841 – 1901. Please click here for a more detailed description of the database.
This database will be upgraded on a monthly basis. If you have corrections or additions to this database, please submit them to the genealogist using the SUGGEST facility, so that they can be incorporated in a subsequent upgrade.


Clan Moffat Genealogy Online
Last Update posted
20 Aug 2014 - Clan Moffat Genealogy - 77,167 individuals.
20 Jul 2014 - Clan Moffat UK - 37,373 individuals.
In Memoriam
Deaths within the last 180 days
Skye Thomas Fields - 25 September 1969 - 8 May 2014
Charles Albert Sours Sr - 22 December 1935 - 4 March 2014
 Elusive People Full List
Peter Craven
A researcher writes "I am hoping to get into the DAR and the only thing I am missing is something connecting the above Peter Craven to his son, John R. Craven (1793-1858). I have proved that Peter is Thomas, Esq's son and that John R. is Eli's father (my great great grandfather). Do you know if Peter made a will? I have Thomas's will and John R's." If anyone can help please contact us through this site.
    |     Peter Craven
Hugh Moffat
Hugh Moffat was Mayor of Detroit during the 1870s. If you have any information about him please contact me
    |     Hugh Moffat
Looking for Descendants of Earl Cary.
A researcher is looking to make contact with any descendants of Earl Cary who might have information about his flying career with the RAF during World War II.
    |     Earl Cary
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Random Document
David Jewell Brown and daughter Hope Fedora Brown
David Jewell Brown and daughter Hope Fedora Brown
1910 US Federal Census for Pawnee Twp., Smith Co., Kansas, USA
1910 US Federal Census for Pawnee Twp., Smith Co., Kansas, USA

This Day in Moffat Family History
23 August 2014.
Mary Moffett - 1749
Catherine Moffitt - 1784
Aaron Moffitt - 1784
Jane Cox - 1790
William DICKSON - 1798
Patrick MOFFAT - 1801
James Lewis Carothers - 1822
Solomon P. Moffatt - 1823
Elizabeth MOFFAT - 1825
John MOFFAT - 1825
Anna Halsey Moffat - 1832
Jane Rebecca Bell Aurand - 1835
Mittie Caswell Craven - 1836
William Ellis Moffett - 1836
Samuel Lingo Harlan - 1839
Lydia Ann Champer - 1839
Mary Eliza MOFFAT - 1842
Martha Catharine Candle - 1843
John S MOFFAT - 1845
James MOFFAT - 1857
Joseph Linley Johnson - 1864
Joseph J. Caylor - 1864
Martin A McGraw - 1867
George Howard Huling - 1869
Thomas Milne Moffat - 1869
Charles H. Moffett - 1871
Greeley Fielden Moffitt - 1872
George MOFFAT - 1874
Mary Susan MOFFETT - 1875
James Franklin Hughes - 1877
Bessie May Johnson - 1878
Albert John Muffett - 1879
Mary Ellen Wood - 1879
John MOFFAT - 1879
Will Ralph - 1881
William West - 1882
William Irwin - 1883
Robina MOFFAT - 1883
David MOFFAT - 1884
James Dewitt Boughton - 1885
Cora Moffit - 1885
Estella Virgin Mapes - 1885
Luther Hart Cameron - 1889
Bessie Aletha or Althea Nebinger or Neburger - 1890
Robina MOFFAT - 1891
Roy Alvis Ferrell - 1893
Catherine Moffat - 1893
Floy Snider - 1895
Jessie Crichton MOFFAT - 1897
Lee Wheeler Moffitt - 1898
Frankie Dewie Elliott - 1898
Charles B. Pratt - 1903
Peter I. Mason - 1904
Margaret Von Behren - 1904
Wave McKinley - 1907
Emory Gray Maffett - 1912
Donald Lammert Heidbreder - 1924
Brewton Gabriel Moffett - 1926
23 August 2014.
Nancy Wiley - 1853
Elizabeth Ritchey - 1859
Benjamin MOFFAT - 1871
Joseph Naylor - 1875
Malinda Ann Moffett - 1876
James Hubbard Moffett - 1884
Ann Elizabeth Davis - 1889
Ann Isabell Messer - 1891
Elizabeth Petty - 1894
Primrose Stewart OLDHAM - 1900
William Robert Moffett - 1901
Angiline Berlein - 1903
Mary GILLESPIE - 1903
Elizabeth Banks - 1904
Thomas Moffatt - 1904
John Quitman Moffitt - 1905
John Andrew Daniels - 1908
Iola Mae Coffell - 1913
Janet Whitelaw McEwan KENNEDY - 1913
Arzilla Wadley - 1915
William Allan Moffatt - 1917
Louise Day Ellis - 1917
Leonard Powell GODFREY - 1917
George Gustavus West Maffet - 1924
Guy Thomas Horseman - 1924
Kinney Lowder - 1928
Mary Janet MOFFAT - 1934
James Albert Moffatt - 1935
Thomas MOFFAT - 1935
John Leven Maffett - 1943
Albert Lloyd Shillington - 1944
Florence Josephine Moffatt - 1949
Harry E Erni - 1955
Sarah N. Hendricks - 1960
Minnie Alberta Goble - 1964
Ann Moffat - 1964
Francis Ring Clinton - 1967
Herman Hurd Givens - 1967
William E. Penhorwood - 1968
Ida May Lister - 1969
Elsie Orra Graham - 1976
Ruth Evelyn Konantz - 1984
Matthew Adams Draper - 1985
Florence May Hall - 1991
Robert McRae MOFFAT - 2000
Patricia Moffitt Hughes - 2005
Roy Grantly MOFFATT - 2007

Top 10 Surnames
23 August 2014.
George Palmer & Ann Comegys - 1797
Benjamin MOFFAT & Isabella JAAP - 1805
Stephen MOFFETT & Betsy FitzSIMMONS - 1847
William Andrew Rosborough & Martha Mary Moffatt - 1849
William Henry Moffatt & Susan Hill - 1860
William A Lightner & Hannah F Moffatt - 1868
John THOM & Jane Love MOFFAT - 1872
Madison Shackleford Craven & Belle Carlisle - 1886
Jonah Buckner Tavenner & Laura Alice Maffett - 1910
Cyrus Moffat & Martha Adeline Covey - 1926
Floyd Leland Franks & Virginia Shirkey - 1930
John Graham MOFFAT & Barbara June REVELL - 1953


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  • There are two separate "trees" in this database. The combined database is a cooperation between the Clan Moffat Society based in North America and the Clan Moffat UK based in the United Kingdom.
  • The Clan Moffat Society tree is a compilation of the genealogies submitted to the Clan Moffat Society by its Members over more than 20 years. Expand (more...)
  • The Clan Moffat UK tree is based mainly on the 1881 UK census as indexed and published on CD by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Expand (more...)
  • If you wish to make a small change or addition to the database, click the "Suggest" tab that appears on most of the pages.
  • If you wish to contribute information about your family to our database, please see this page for information.

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