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451 !Child listed on Lanark '88 page 33,845 IGI Penman, James (I60866)
452 !Child listed on parish records for child James Ferguson and Jane Moffat
1066601 Pg 400.

!Child listed on parish records for child James Ferguson and Jane Moffat

1066601 Pg 400. 
Ferguson, Elizabeth (I60845)
453 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I29178)
454 !Children she and Robert had a boy and a girl Marshall, Rosa (I48011)
455 !Death: on the death Certificate for Jannet (Jessie) Moffat Marxen herhusband's name is listed as Nicoli F. Marxen. The information on theD.C. is given by Allizon M. Emerine Jessie's daughter. On other recordshe is called Nicholas. Marxen, Nicoli F. (I60808)
456 !died in a plane crash Moore, Elliot M. (I18033)
457 !FGS Allison Hale Parish Record 102960 Pg 141 Birth and Bapt. Johngave the year of birth as 1832 on his endowment record.

!Temple: Bapt: Airdrie Branch Records 104249 Pg 7 End: 1239508 pg 312did his own SS:1239579 Pg 197 SP: FGS (Temple record) Has temple stamp onit 
Moffat, John McLaren (I18031)
458 !FGS and IGI May 1988 Pg 30,501. Birth & Bapt:Parish Record for Barony1041477 Pg 516 Witness Adam Simson and Wm Scobbie he is the 8th child.Died in Melbourne Australia. He reportedly left for Australia after hefound out that his older half Brother James was going to take any estatethat William was to receive in behalf of his paternal Grandmother. Hiswife and two sons apparently moved to Pittsburg Penn after the death ofwilliam. More study needed.
Possible Marriage: New Monkland Parish record 106601 Pg 325 to AnnTwedale or to Margaret Campbell at Airdrie 13 March 1846, Reg 15 Nov 1855Pg 372.

!Temple: Bapt and End: work done by John McLaren Moffat 184108 Pg 124.SP:Family Temple Archive records. SS:Ann Twedale/Tweedale IGI '92 LanarkPg 31,013 Marriage Mar 1844 1066601 Pg 325 also the same film no. forMargaret Campbell on Pg 372 13 March 1846 
Moffat, William (I18036)
459 !FGS She is not listed on 1841 Census records w/ parents therefore,believed she
is older than year 1828 listed on Temple work done by Robert Stevenson in1833.
As Jane is nick name for Jean believe information on marriage records inLanark
is our Jean.

!Marriage: Parish records gives name as Jane 1066601 Pg 351

!Temple: Bapt:183547 Pg 843 End: 184207 Pg 66 SP: Temple Archive
SS:IGI '92 Lanark pg 12,235 
Moffat, Jane (I60791)
460 !FGS submitted by Marion Naylor Richards. Death:FGS unknown source

Naylor, Elizabeth Moffat (I18014)
461 !FGS submitted by Marion Naylor Richards. Death:FGS unknown source

!Temple:B,E&SP Lanark Mar 92 IGI Fiche page 32,694 film 8832702-51SP:FGS unknown source lists 14 Dec 1938 
Naylor, Violet (I60927)
462 !Film SL Temple Bapt 183451 Pg 448 and End:SL Temple End 184108 Pg 296.
Bapt and End work done by John McLaren Moffat as a Brother. Can't makeout if
the town he was born is spelled Slamannen or Hamannen on End records. 
Smart, David (I60795)
463 !graduate from Wofford College in 1896; founded in Spartanburg the A.M. Law Co, an insurance and investment firm; a captain in the ordinance of the US Army in WWI. Law, Andrew Moffett (I18501)
464 !He felt a great disappointment when his wife died and blamed the babyfor her
death and gave his son James to his wifes cousin Archibald Moffat

He was married to Margaret Gilham 19 Mar 1868 She apparently died, thenhe
must have married Margaret Moffat on 3 Oct 1874. Unless he practicedpolgamy
and that was unlikely as they lived in Missouri at the time. 
Fisher, Mark (I60877)
465 !IMMIGRATION: 1909
New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
about Edward Bamford
Name: Edward Bamford
Arrival Date: 20 Sep 1909
Estimated birth year: abt 1888
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Londonderry
/Nationality: Irish
Last Permanent Residence: Clabby, Ireland
Nearest Relative in Ireland: Margaret Banford, Clabby
Ship Name: California
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Nativity: Ireland
Line: 1
Microfilm Serial: T715
Microfilm Roll: T715_1339
Birth Location: Ireland
Birth Location Other: Crieve
Page Number: 100 
Banford, Edward (I43923)
466 !Inf. given by Georgia Beard,sister. Inf. notes from Leona Maugherman, Niece Never married. Parsell, Martha (I67325)
467 !LAND: 1834
Tithe Applotment County Fermanagh, Aghavea Parish
Anderson, George Aghavea Creagh 1834
Bamford, James Aghavea Creagh 1834
Fallas, James Aghavea Creagh 1834
Johnson, James Aghavea Creagh 1834
McGuire, Widow Aghavea Creagh 1834
Wilson, James Aghavea Creagh 1834

!LAND: 1832-1834
Tithe Applotment, County Fermanagh BAMFORD or variants
Bamford, James Aghavea Creagh 1834
Bamford, Samuel Aghavea Derryheely 1832
Bamford, Widow? Enniskillen Camgart 1832
Bamfort, George Enniskillen Crieve Hill 1832 
Banford, James (I30687)
468 !LAND: 1862
Griffiths Valuation - Fermanagh 1862
BANFORD James Creevehill Enniskillen Fermanagh
BANFORD John Creevehill Enniskillen Fermanagh 
Bamford, James or John (I72560)
469 !MARRIAGE: 1874
Civil Marriages of County Fermanagh, BAMFORD & BANFORD from
Date of Marriage Groom Name Bride Name Church
26 May 1874 james BANFORD margaret MOFFATT Clabby Church of Ireland

!DEATH: 1898 James Banford
Record Type Wills Calendars
Date of Death 22 Oct 1898
Year of Probate 1899
Name James Banford
County Fermanagh
Residence Crieve 
Banford, James Sr. (I43917)
470 !MARRIAGE: Divorced - See Loudoun Co. Va. Chancery M-940
BIRTH: Ref. 1870 Loudoun Co. Va. Census 
Koontz, Nancy (I20992)
471 !Married to a Russel Butts Fisher, Mary (I60880)
472 !Name was changed from Hoare to Lawrence. He was from Australia and the
kids were being teased for their last name, so it was changed. 
Lawrence, Ernest Alford Hoare (I60902)
473 !Never married; occ: cotton merchant Adger, James (I18483)
474 !Nothing known about child only that existance due to number of childrenwho are missing in Parish records. Moffat, Allison (Ellison) (I60797)
475 !occ: Society editress of the Tennille Tribune Kendrick, Lorena Belle (I18565)
476 !occ:attorney Ravenal, Henry Edmund (I18519)
477 !one daughter Manning, Samuel (I57729)
478 !Only information for this child is:
1841 Census 101880 Clarkston Quad Saira Mc Dowel St E 195 Pg 3 (towardend of
roll). 1851 Census 1042469 Clark Street Airdrie New Monkland

!Temple: Bapt, End SP:Personal Records from Temple 
Moffat, Mary (I60868)
479 !Only information of Child
Ward records: 104149 Pg 56 & 1851 Census Airdrie New Monkland
Census Records: 1851 1042469 Clark St Airdrie New Monkland
Census Records: 1860 Missouri, St Louis 803656 Pg 800

!Temple: Bapt, End SP:Personal Records from Temple 
Moffat, Robina (I47920)
480 !Only information on Child
1851 Census 1042469 Airdrie New Monkland Clark St

!Temple: Bapt, End SP:Personal Records from Temple

!Only information on Child

1851 Census 1042469 Airdrie New Monkland Clark St

!Temple: Bapt, End SP:Personal Records from Temple 
Moffat, Elizabeth (I60858)
481 !President of Spartanburg Savings Bank in 1891; president of Central Nat'l Bank of Spartanburg 1893; cashier, vice president, and president of Merchants' Nat'l Bank of Philadelphia in 1910; president of First Nat'l Bank in Philadelphia in 1914; and president of Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co in 1920. He held honorary degree of PhD from Wofford College and an LLD from Oglethorpe College of Oglethorpe, GA. He also was awarded the Order of Leopold from Belgium for work on the Belgian Relief Committee of Pennsylvania. He was also at one time president of the Board of Trustees of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of the USA. Law, William Adger (I18495)
482 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I57901)
483 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I57792)
484 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I57791)
485 !Temple work done by John McLaren Moffat 184108 Pg 296 Pennman, James M. (I29211)
486 !Temple: Archive sheet with dates stamped on Shearer, Maren or Marion (I18039)
487 !Temple: IGI Fiche 92 Lanark pg 32,694 Extraction Work for SS is doneunder name of Joseph Nailor B,E done using Joseph Naylor by RobertStevenson in SLake temple with birthdate as 1848. IGI Fiche Lanark 92'pg 32,693 film 183550 Naylor, Joseph (I18003)
488 !The only information on this child is:
1841 Census Records 101880 Clarkston Quad ad Saira Mc Dowel St E 195 Pg3(near
end of roll) 1851 Census Records 1042469 Airdrie New Monkland Clark St

!Temple: Bapt, End SP:Personal Records from Temple

!The only information on this child is:

1841 Census Records 101880 Clarkston Quad ad Saira Mc Dowel St E 195 Pg3(near

end of roll) 1851 Census Records 1042469 Airdrie New Monkland Clark St

!Temple: Bapt, End SP:Personal Records from Temple 
Moffat, Janet (I60846)
489 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I44846)
490 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I57884)
491 !unmarried Moffett, Kendrick S. (I18603)
492 !unmarried Moffett, Margaret (I18534)
493 !unmarried; occ: attorney Moffett, George Hall Jr. (I18535)
494 !W, Moffett Kendrick Jr, #1057 has name as Hubert. Holland, Herbert Wallace (I18579)
495 "!" Charles died after his legs got cut off by a train. Age 10. Speedy, Charles (I26637)
496 "!" Emigrated to Australia about 1827 Moffat, Mister (I15596)
497 "!" Farmer; lived in Hedgesville, West Virginia, RFD #7. Parents: Benjamin Seibert Speck and Virginia Harley; Grandparents Benjamin Cushna Speck and Mary Seibert. Speck, Thomas Harley (I29107)
498 "!" Hannah died in 1890s in Richmond, Virginia. She was unmarried. McCue, Hannah Moffett (I29099)
499 "!" No Children of this marriage (she was second wife to D.S.Bell) McCue, Lizzie (I28536)
500 "!" Occupation Wholesale Hardware. Alexander, Frank (I29117)
501 "!" Occupation: Orchardist, lived at Paw Paw, WV. Parents William S. Miller and Isabella McKown. Miller, Harry Walton (I29110)
502 "!" see Mary Moffitt of this family group. Wood, George Thomas (I46579)
503 "!" Tax Collector McCue, James McDowell Moffett (I29127)
504 "!" Andrew drowned in Magaguadavic Lake 27 Nov 1905 at age 20 years. Cleghorn, Andrew Moffitt (I26934)
505 "!" Banker and Capitalist; City Councilman; Postmaster 1893-97, lived in Staunton, VA McCue, William Turner (I29126)
506 "!" Capitalist; lived in Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia Alexander, Edward (I29118)
507 "!" Died as infant Moffatt, Imogene (I27746)
508 "!" Died while on a vist to her aged mother. Moffett, Hannah Winters (I26572)
509 "!" Doris had a long career of teaching in Harvey, NB. She was the author of the family history: The Descendants of William and Margaret Messer 1837- 1985, Messer, Doris Mildred Christina (I17821)
510 "!" Ellie and Rita are devorced - no issue from this marriage. McArthur, Rita (I26950)
511 "!" George and Charlotte are twins. Moffit, George Washington Jr. (I24863)
512 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I26948)
513 "!" In 1926 -Per Louis Elsworth Moffett, grocer, Philadelphia Market, all of his siblings (brothers and sisters) were believed born on Christian Street at 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA. Moffett, Louis or Lewis Elsworth (I27798)
514 "!" Information on this family has been obtained from photocopies of files from the George West Maffett.
John McCue (He remarried Ellen Douglas) - A son of that marriage was James McDowell Moffett McCue.
Extensive Farmer; Pre siding Justice in Augusta County Court; Representive of county in Legislature. Parents: Rev. John McCue and Elizabeth Allen; Grand- parents John McCue and Eleanor Mathews.
A letter to George West Maffett of Lawrence, Kansas written about 1908/09 from Aurelia P. McCue Norvell: "The home place of Col. Geo. Moffett about 8 miles from Staunton, Va., called "Mount Pleasant" is in the best state of preserva- tion. He built this house as a fort. I am sending you some work -- you can see I am an enthusiastic Moffett Ana. I organized here in 1906 (I believe) the first chapter of the D.A.R,s; It was named for my Great grant grandfather andin my honor -- The Colonel George Moffett Chapter; I compiled this piece to read to the Chapter. I am so very anxious to know more of my ancestors. There is no known picture of him and nothing much known about the forefathers. From Waddells Annals of Augusta Co (Mr. Addison Waddell still lives in Staunton, Va.) You can glean as much as we know about Col Moffett and his father, John Moffett, also "Presbyterian Church" Staunton, Va. (Copies can be gotten I think from Anita Hage, Staunton, Va). There is a sketch of Col. Moffett in the Pamphlet. Mrs. W.M.Marshall can gain access to the old Bibles N.B.A.H. McCues, Fishersville, Va and also the Bible at my brother's James McDowell Moffett McCues. (N.B.A.H. McCue is the son of Squire John McCue and his second wife Ellen Douglass. He had a brother Hal McCue of Penn) From B.Miller McCue Insurance, Richmond, Va, Mrs. Marshalls' brother you can secure a picture of Hannah Winters Moffett, daughter of James McDowell Moffett and Grand daughter of Col. Geo.Moffett. Hannah W. Moffett married John McCue of Long Meadows, Va. a son of the famous Reverend John Mc.Cue. I am deeply interested in your pro- ject. The blue prints sent me before were never received or I should have with pleasure filled them out. Mr. Norvell and I have been off on a trip and I was delayed in attending to these. Our home and many of my family papers were burned in 1907--- at present, we live at Hotel. Cordially yours, (Signed) Aurelia P.McC. Norvell
Appearently there is a further Moffett conection in that the following infor- mation was furnished on the McCues.
Great great great great gradparents -- John McCue (son of John McCue b, in Scotland in 166- Ulster, Ireland; of Scotch Parentage; Lived and died in Ulster; Farmer (general supposition); m, in Ulster to Mary Moffett (Tradition informs us thus--are not sure--could not prove it, no records; d, in Ulster, Ireland.
Great great great grandparents -- John McCue. b, 169-, Ulster, Ireland. Farmer and Merchant; m, Ulster, Ireland to Sarah McDowell (?), died in Ulster, Ireland
Great great grand parents -- John McCue.Sent., b,1720 Ulster,Ireland, removed to Lancaster Co.,Pa., 1737, thence to Nelson County, Va soon after; Planter; Died, circa 1780, Nelson County, Va. burried in private ground. Brother and Sisters: Moses McCue,Sr; Dominica McCue--his son emigrated to Baltimore, Md; David McCue and Sarah McCue; Gr.Gr. Grandfather married Eleanor Mathers
. Broth 
McCue, Squire John (I27850)
515 "!" It appears that Judge John H.McCue and Signora C.E. Wills had two children they named Bettie Winters McCue, the first born 10 May 1851 and died 16 months later on 9 Sep 1852, was child number 3 in the family. Child number 8 is the second Bettie Winters McCue, born 23 April 1864. McCue, Bettie Winters (I29139)
516 "!" John and Mary had four children before leaving Harvey, NB and had a total of nine. Piercy, John (I23785)
517 "!" Lila and Roy lived in Harvey and had six children Little, Lila May (I46602)
518 "!" Lived at 1000 Court Street, Lynchburlg, Virginia. Father George Munnell. Munnell, Fannie (I29119)
519 "!" Lived at Paw Paw, WV. Hedges, Martha Moffett (I29128)
520 "!" Lived Calder Ave, Beaumont, TX. Husband Benjamin was a Banker. McCue, Aurelia Peters (I29140)
521 "!" Lived in New York City, Manufacturer. Married 21 Nov 1906 in New York City to Unknown, no children. Moffett, G. M. (I27846)
522 "!" Lona was an English war bride. [--?--], Lona (I27091)
523 "!" Moved to B.C. in 1908 Little, Harry Lewis (I23823)
524 "!" Occupation: Lawyer, lived in Leesburg, VA Martin, William (I29144)
525 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I24923)
526 "!" Russell has five brothers - Ernest, Harold, Ronald, Lloyd and Douglas. Moffatt, Russell (I26793)
527 "!" Tea Merchant in New Orleans, LA McCue, Don Howard (I29122)
528 "!" Thomas and Jane moved from Harvey to Comox, 1875 and had eleven children. Piercy, Thomas Harvey (I23784)
529 "!" Willace died Jan 7, 1919 of a ruptured appendix. Cleghorn, Willace Alward (I26939)
530 "!" William C. and Mary Ann Johnson adopted Della Soverns the daughter of William's sister Florinda Johnston Soverns. Sources of Information: First Presbyterian Church Records. Soverns, Della (I19300)
531 "!" With Adams Express, died at "The Rochambean" Washington D.C. Married in Baltimore to Sophia (?) who lives at Rochanbean, Waslhington DC. Alexander, Halcombe (I29116)
532 "!"He worked in McAdam,NB and they adopted a girl: Pauline Lister Lister, Emery Irvin (I23912)
533 "!"They were married in Saskatchewan and farmed at Grand Coulee, near Regina until 1964. Then they retired in Vancouver. Tina was born in West Caldor, Scotland and she emigrated to Saskatchewan. Messer, John Andrew Moffat (I17826)
534 " 1818 or 1819 (Joseph Moffatt) emigrated to Butler county, Ohio, settling on a farm between Oxford and Hamilton." - "Nine Inhabitants...", The Peoria Journal Tribune, 30 Nov 1933. "When he came to Fort Clark on June 20, 1823, Captain Joseph Moffatt...", Ibid. Moffatt, Joseph Jr. (I58332)
535 "12 March - Grandma's birthday - I bought her sweets" (MR, personal diary, 1941) MUFFITT, Jane (I3156)
536 "A considerable town and parish in the county of Berwick. The town is delightfully situated in the centre of the county, encompassed on the W. N. and E. by the Lammermuir hills, a fine plain 25 miles in extent lying towards the S. The ancient site of the town was on the top of the beautiful hill called Dunse Law, which is elevated from a base of about 2 1/2 miles in circumference to the height of 630 feet above the level of the sea. The town was afterwards rebuilt at the foot of the hill. The small water of Whittadder passes by it ... Dunse contains about 2400 inhabitants. The parish of Dunse is an oblong square of 8 miles by 5, extending over a part of the ditrict of Lammermuir, and over the head of that fertile plain called the Merse ...Population in 1801, 3163." from Gazetteer of Scotland published 1806, Edinburgh.
Moffett, Allison (I60336)
537 "A man named Joseph Collinson Moffat met his death in a shocking manner at Frosterley stone quarries yesterday. He was running some sand tubs across a gangway when a side beam caught him and knocked him off, falling a distance of 66 feet. He was literally smashed to pieces" Shields Daily Gazette, 26.6.1869 MOFFAT, Joseph Collinson (I5400)
538 "After Louis was deported, she met John Thompson, and changed the childrens' names to Thompson". (AS) MOFFAT, Catherine (I21934)
539 "Alvah, born December 29, 1797, at Newburgh, ME; married Clara O. Eads; died July 20, 1884, at Peoria." - "Nine Inhabitants...", The Peoria Journal Tribune, 30 Nov 1933. Moffatt, Alvah (I2167)
540 "Alvah,...;married Clara O. Eads;..." - "Nine Inhabitants...", The Peoria Journal-Tribund, 30 Nov 1933. Eades, Clarissa (I44471)
541 "Amelia" in C1881 MOFFATT, Ann Elizabeth (I2099)
542 "An eloquent divine" Wilson, Rev. Thomas B. (I21484)
543 "And of his wife Evelyne Millicent Moffatt, Mother and Grandmother, Loving and Beloved". Churchyard, Osbaldwick, Yorkshire. HANNAM, Evelyn Millicent (I16388)
544 "Anna" CLEZY, Margaret (I26980)
545 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I12840)
546 "Aquila, born March 19, 1802, at Newburgh; married (1) Matilda Jones; married (2) Mary Bogardus, nee Fowler, nee Derby; died January 10, 1880, at Peoria." - "Nine Inhabitants...", The Peoria Journal-Tribune, 30 Nov 1933. Moffatt, Aquilla (I2168)
547 "Aquila,...; married (1) Matilda Jones;..." - "Nine Inhabitants...", The Peoria Journal-Tribune, 30 Nov 1933. Jones, Matilda (I58336)
548 "Aquila,...; married (2) Mary Bogardus, nee Fowler, nee Derby;..." - "Nine Inhabitants...", The Peoria Journal-Tribune, 30 Nov 1933. "This wife (Matilda Jones) died and December 4, 1834 he (Aquila Moffatt) remarried with Mrs. Mary Bogardus, nee Fowler, nee Derby, who was born in Connecticut and who died July 27, 1873, at the age of 68 years, 6 months, and 23 days." - "Three Peoria Sons of Captain Joseph Moffatt", Earnest E. East, preliminary draft notes, 1933. Bogardus, Mary (I58335)
549 "Aunty Em" MOFFATT, Emily Elizabeth (I27235)
550 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I70868)
551 "Base born of Dinah Moffit, widow" Kirkoswald Parish Records. MOFFET, Isabel (I15461)
552 "Betsey" as per birth index MOFFAT, Betsey (I7513)
553 "Betty." Twin to Thomas Tait Fox, Jr. Born with Down's syndrome. Helen Fox Saar took care of her sister Betty for many years after their mother died.

Social Security Death Index
Name: Mina Fox
SSN: 176-28-1748
Last Residence: 16701 Bradford, Mckean, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Born: 7 Jan 1919
Died: Nov 1980
State (Year) SSN issued: Pennsylvania (1951-1953)

-- Helen Fox Saar

Information below provided by Agnes Margaret Colegrove Fraser in 1989.

Parent of Betty were Thomas Tait Fox (Rin 464). Betty had Mongoloid defect and probably died in Florida. Approximately 35/40 years of age. [actually aged 61 according to Helen Fox Saar!]

She was a twin to Thomas Tait Fox, Jr. 
Fox, Mina Elizabeth (I70803)
554 "Breda". Late 1960s, she married Dennis Lee in Ireland, and divorced in USA a year or two later. KEANE, Bridget Mary (I7)
555 "Bud," or "Buddy."

5' 10", and thin balding hair.

Education: Graduated high school at Van Nuys, CA.
College University of Southern California on a journalism scholarship. Graduated 1938/39 4 year degree.

Military: Army OCS Signal Corps. WWII- 1945 was a paratrooper and served at Ft. Bragg and China.

Occupation: Newspaperman/editor for Scripps Howard Newspaper Chain, was the Carribean correspondent when he was seriously injured in a head-on auto collision. He was flown to Miami, Florida for medical treatment by several top neurosurgeons. Was later medically retired due to some bain damage. Could totally forget where he was at any time.

Lived in several locations including: San Deigo, San Francisco, Van Nuys, CA;
Houston, El Paso, Texas; Evansville, Indiania; Miami, Florida and retired to Williamsport, Kentucky where a friend owned a newspaper and worked there.

U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
Name: Albert M Colegrove
Birth Year: 1917
Race: White, citizen
Nativity State or Country: Pennsylvania
State: Texas
County or City: Harris
Enlistment Date: 21 Jul 1942
Enlistment State: Texas
Enlistment City: Houston
Branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
Branch Code: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
Grade: Private
Grade Code: Private
Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Source: Civil Life
Education: 4 years of college
Civil Occupation: Airplane Engine Mechanic or Film Editor, Motion Picture (Motion picture cutter. ) or Public Relations Man or Playwright (Motion picture writer.) or Reporter
Marital Status: Married
Height: 69
Weight: 171

Ohio Deaths, 1958-2000
Name: Albert McCullough Colegrove
Age at Death: 73
Date of Death: 15 Jun 1991
County of Death: Hamilton
Volume: 28587
Certificate: 043560
Date of Birth: 28 Oct 1917
State of Birth: Pennsylvania
Country of Birth: United States
Father's Surname: Colegrove
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Hispanic Origin: Not Hispanic
Years of Schooling: 16
Social Security Number: 551-10-2458
Industry: Newspaper publishing and printing
Occupation: Editor and reporter
State of Residence: Kentucky
Country of Residence: United States
Primary Registration District: 3100
Hospital of Death: Long-Term Care Facilities
Hospital Status: Other/Nursing Home
Time of Death: 8:45 PM
Filing Date: 19 Jun 1991
Certifier: Physician
Whether Referred to Coroner: No
Autopsy: No
Classification of Place of Injury: Unspecified Place
Whether Injury Happened in Ohio: Yes

Kentucky Death Index, 1911-2000
Name: Albert M Colegrove
Death Date: 15 June , 1991
Death Place: Ohio
Age: 073
Residence: Kenton
Volume: 906
Certificate: 1191

Social Security Death Index
Name: Albert M. Colegrove
SSN: 551-10-2458
Born: 28 Oct 1917
Died: 15 Jun 1991
State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951), , , , 
Colegrove, Albert McCullough Jr. (I70826)
556 "Catherine" on headstone WILSON, Kate (I29938)
557 "Clyde". GRO-Edinburgh 2, 158 MOFFAT, Adam (I23085)
558 "Clyde". GRO-Edinburgh 2, 158 MOFFAT, John (I12184)
559 "Cockburn" may have been "Coburn". Cockburn, Mary (I24758)
560 "Coffer" C1901 ( MOFFAT, Christina Smeaton (I2148)
561 "Coshocton County, Ohio: History of the Past and Present 1740-1881" compiled by N.N. Hill published 1881 reports that Alexander Moffatt's father was: Hugh MOFFATT born Ulster County, New York. This publication is a 'vanity' book commonly compiled in the late 19th century by traveling salesmen who collected family info from those who bought their book prepublication. Early money grubing Genealogy.comers :) and their work was often not reliable.
Trust this one an exception!
I would appreciate a note that this information re HUGH MOFFATT is merely reputed to be correct and may be apocraphal. With it is the common story of his grandfather and uncles immigrating from the old country. 
Moffatt, Hugh (I60476)
562 "Daughter of Alexander Johnstone, of Dickson House, Moffat, and widow of W. H. Graham" (RMM, p 37). IGI has Alexander Johnston and Margaret Dickson. Daughter of Thomas Johnstone and Margaret Johnstone m.s. Dickson (Death cert, GRO-Edinburgh). JOHNSTONE, Christina (I8002)
563 "Dixon" has to be right, (Charles Dixon Moffitt, 1891), but is she the "Jane Moffitt" of the 1881, 91 and 1901 censuses? Does Elleanor die 1879, and William re-marries Jane 1880? DIXON, Elleanor (I5772)
564 "Elisha, born 1811, probably in Maine, died at age 2 years." - "Nine Inhabitants...", The Peoria Journal-Tribune, 30 Nov 1933. Moffatt, Elisha (I58339)
565 "Eliza, born about 1813, perhaps in Massachusetts; died young." - "Nine Inhabitants...", The Peoria Journal-Tribune, 30 Nov 1933. Moffatt, Eliza (Died young) (I58340)
566 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I70867)
567 "Enid, OK 2104 West Pine St., 73701.: Sons, Bobby (I22085)
568 "F.H." Fox.

Social Security Death Index
Name: Francis H. Fox
SSN: 312-09-6854
Last Residence: 83301 Twin Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho, United States of America
Born: 4 Oct 1909
Died: 25 Apr 1990
State (Year) SSN issued: Indiana (Before 1951)
a possibility 
Fox, Francis Harry (I70807)
569 "Feilding" is the correct spelling Family/Spouse F10150
570 "Gerold James & Jan Morfitt; 1126 Cayuse Circle SE, Salem, Oregon, 97306 (503)581-1282" Morfitt, Jerrold James (I22093)
571 "Grace is a very marvelous individual. She is one who is always on the go, very unassuming, always smiling, always nice to be around. grace is one who never has anything negative to say, but is always happy. For many of her younger years, she was a waitree for the Mit Way Hotel in Emporia. Then she worked for Southwestern Bell as a telephone operator until she retired. She was always a very responsible person. She took care of her parents for many years and then when she married, she took care of her husband. At the age of 79 she is still very active in the Prebyterian Church." Morfitt, Grace May (Hale) (I22080)
572 "History of Littleton, NH" edited by James R. Jackson, University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1905, pp 343-344 Moffett, Mattie Susan (I16649)
573 "I remember it because of St. Patrick's Day" - William Christian Moffatt, 26 Dec 1992, Neosho, MO. Moffatt, Oliver Leroy (I58319)
574 "In 1916 Bina gave birth to my dad and her lover was Robert Charters, a soldier on home leave" Alistair Moffat, "The Scots: A Genetic Journey" Birlinn, 2011, p 237. CHARTERS, Robert (I37088)
575 "In a little brick school house in Limestone Township, Aquila Moffatt of this review gained some of his early education, the building having been owned by the township and having been used for various public purposes. The school that he first attended was maintained by the (unk) subscription plan and was then the only one in Limestone Township. While (still) in his teens Mr. Moffatt became associated with coal-mining operations in this section of the state and he was one of the young patriots who responded to President Lincoln's first call for volunteers when the Civil War was precipitated on the natin. He enlisted in Company B, Seventeenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, but as the quota was already filled then with other volunteers was not accepted for service at that time. He then took a contract for shipping coal and in a year he made enough money to enable him to build a house on the acre of land that was given to him and his wife by the latter's father. In 1863 he was appointed enrolling officer and commissioned to notify all drafted men in his assigned district. In March, 1865, Mr. Moffatt again enlisted, and at this time he became a member of Company G, Fourteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry. From Camp Butler at Springfield he proceeded with his command to New York City hence down the coast to Beaufort, North Carolina and then to Raleigh, where they joined the forces of General Sherman and marched via Richmond and Petersburg, to Washington, D.C., wherehe participated in the Grand Review that followed the close of the war. With his regiment Mr. Moffatt was thereafter sent in turn to Louisville, St. Louis, Fort Leavenworth and Fort Kearney, and soon his return with his command to Illinois he received his honorable discharge September ?5, 1865. He then resumed his farming and mining operations and for several years he was manager of the Peoria Mining Company, which he had organized. He accumulated in Peoria County (??) acres of land, including the site of the present Illinois General Hospital for the Insane. His home commanded a splendid view of the Illinois Valley and the country around. He finally erected the attractive house that is now his place of residence, on the west side of Laramie Street, Peoria, and in Limestone Township. At Smith Park, on the 3rd of July, 1921, he and his wife celebrated their sixteeth wedding anniversary, and the occasion was made one of much social (unk) in the countyby the assembling of the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the venerable couple, together with a host of other friends in the community. Mr Moffatt has lived a life of usefulness and honor and is now one of the venerable and honored pioneer citizens of his native state. His political allegiance has ever been given to the Republican party and he is affiliated with the Grand Army of the Republic, as one of it's oldest members in Peoria County. July 3, 1861, recorded the marriage of Mr Moffatt and Miss Mary Ball, who was born in Blaenovon, South Wales, June 6, 1843, a daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Kear) Ball. ..." - History of Illinois, 4V4, pp 50-51. Moffatt, Aquila (I58341)
576 "In Loving Remembrance of Jessie Armstrong Moffat, of Alpe Street, Ipswich, who died April 9th 1883, Aged 9 weeks. Interred in Ipswich Cemetery April 13th" Moffat, Jessie Armstrong (I10135)
577 "In Memory of Robert Muffett who died July 29th 1843 aged 73 years, Prepare to meet thy God, also Sarah his wife who died July 18th 1855 aged 84 years"; East Bilney, St Mary the Virgin, NFKE05/D022, FreeREG, as reported by JV. MUFFETT, Robert (I1649)
578 "Infant, born 1801; died young." - "Nine Inhabitants...", The Peoria Journal-Tribune, 30 Nov 1933. "He (Joseph Moffatt) farmed near Plantation, afterward Newburgh, ME.; sold in 1805 his farm..." - Ibid. Moffatt, (Infant, died young) (I58333)
579 "Jeanie". Witness at wedding of Maggie, 1899. Witnesses at own wedding: James Morton, Lily Moffat. MOFFAT, Jane (I14)
580 "Jet" was a twin brother to Judson S. Obituary: "Justice Moffett, Retired Farmer, Dies Early Today "Justice S. Moffett, 87, of Peoria, died at 4:30 a.m. today in the Case Rest Home, Magnetic Springs. A retired farmer, he had been a lifetime resident of Union Co. He was a member of the Millcreek Church of Christ. Born 5 Aug 1869 to Thomas and Susannah Moffett, he was married 20 Dec 1894 to Dott Bailey. She survives at the home of their son, Dewey Moffett in Raymond. Surviving in addition to the wife and son, are a daughter, Mrs. Harry Wood of Peoria, seven grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren and a sister, Mrs. Will Penhorwood of West Mansfield, Rt. l. One grandson, Carroll Wood, was killed in World War II. A sister, and three brothers also preceded Mr. Moffett in death. Friends may call at the Winter Funeral Home in Raymond after 9:30 a.m. Saturday. Brother Clifford Shaver will officiate at services in the funeral home at 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Burial will be in York Cemetery." Moffett, Justice Shannon "Jet" (I12721)
581 "John Phillip inherited the family home and the P.T. Matthews dry goods store. He lived in the home until his death in 1919. Then his widow, Jennie, sold it to a Mrs. Webb, who turned it into an Inn." [Chillicothe, Hist. Soc., Chillicothe, IL]. Matthews, John Phillip (I55465)
582 "Joseph, born 1799; died 1822." - "Nine Inhabitants...", The Peoria Journal-Tribune, 30 Nov 1933. Moffatt, Joseph Jr. (I58332)
583 "July 3, 1861, recorded the marriage of Mr (Aquila) Moffatt and Miss Mary Ball, who was born in Blaenavon, South Wales, June 6, 1843, a daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Kear) Ball." - HISTORY OF ILLINOIS, 4V4, pp 50-51. Family/Spouse F40732
584 "July 3, 1861, recorded the marriage of Mr. (Aquila) Moffatt and Miss Mary Ball, who was born in Blaenavon, South Wales, June 6, 1843, a daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Kear) Ball." - HISTORY OF ILLINOIS, 4V4, pp 50-51. Ball, Mary (I58342)
585 "Kay"

A very likely spouse for Harry Walter Fox:
1930 United States Federal Census
Name: Katherine E Corwin
Age: 23
Estimated birth year: abt 1907
Relation to head-of-house: Daughter
Home in 1930: Bradford, McKean, Pennsylvania

whose mother was:

1930 United States Federal Census
Name: Isabelle J Corwin
Age: 57
Estimated birth year: abt 1873
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Relation to head-of-house: Head
Race: White
Home in 1930: Bradford, McKean, Pennsylvania
On April 11, 1930 Isabelle J Corwin (57, none, widow) was living at 31 Clarence Street in Bradford, PA in a house she owned worth $9000 with a radio set. She was b in PA of a N Ireland father and an English Canadian mother. Living with her is son Wilson W. Corwin (26, electric kiln burner in a brickyard),
Katherine E. Corwin (23, book keeper in a grocery store), and Beatrice L. Corwin (20, Bell Telephone operator). All children were b. in PA of PA parents., 
Corwin, Katherine (I70892)
586 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I70834)
587 "Lula" was a teacher Fleming, Luiza Gurtrude "Lula" (I13573)
588 "Mallard" at South Shields MOFFAT, Gideon (I5572)
589 "March 22nd 1752, Archbald Moffatt weaver and one of the Elders in the Parish of Moffatt and Agnes Clerk his spouse had a son Baptised called John" MOFFATT, John (I17042)
590 "Marjorie" as spelt by her mother, C1911. Birth registered as "Margery". MOFFITT, Marjorie Annie (I33782)
591 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I70845)
592 "Married Bill Cooper; 10008 S Ross, Oklahoma City, OK, 73159 (405)691-7271." Morfitt, Kathy Youngblood (I22084)
593 "Married with the consent of their parents". MOFFAT, Jane (I10576)
594 "Memorials of Sanquhar Kirkyard, Dumfries" by Tom Wilson, 1912. MOFFAT, Agnes Janet (I7905)
595 "Memorials of Sanquhar Kirkyard, Dumfries" by Tom Wilson, 1912. MOFFAT, Adam Robert (I7904)
596 "Memorials of Sanquhar Kirkyard, Dumfries" by Tom Wilson, 1912. MOFFAT, Mary Brown Hastings (I7903)
597 "Memorials of Sanquhar Kirkyard, Dumfries" by Tom Wilson, 1912. MOFFAT, James (I7898)
598 "Memorials of Sanquhar Kirkyard, Dumfries" by Tom Wilson, 1912. MOFFAT, Francis N (I7894)
599 "MOFFET-On February 4, 1899. Theodore W. Moffet, aged 72 years. The relatives and friends of the family, also Schuyler Post. No 51 G.A.R. the survivors of the Twenty-sixth Pennsylvania Volunteers and the Union Veterans Legion are respectfully invited to attend the funeral on Wednesday at 1 o'clock from the residence of his brother-in-law Mr. Joseph Finn, 3140 Kensington aveneue. Interment private" obituary from The Philadelphia Inquirer February 6, 1899 Moffet, Theodore W (I71196)
600 "Moffett" as per Archibald himself C1911 MOFFETT, Archibald (I32731)

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