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27 July 2016 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database. New material including:
  • The family of Walter Scott Moffat (1827-1880), Melrose, Roxburghshire, and his wife Esther Trestrail Smith (1834-1875), Redruth, Cornwall, who emigrated to Melbourne, Australia, and Walter’s brief second marriage, 1878, to Jane McJannet.

1 July 2016 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database. New material including:
  • The family of James Moffat, tenant of Bruntaburn Mill, Berwickshire, who died in 1762 and his wife Isabella Lauder, his brother George and his sister Margaret;
  • New data concerning the descendents of Henry Nathaniel Moffett (1887-1946) and his 19 children, especially his daughter Ellen (1918-2014).

1 May 2016 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database. New material including:
  • The families of Robert William Moffett (1875-1945) and his son Charles Robert Moffett (1903-1974), South Shields, County Durham.

1 April 2016 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database. New material including:
  • Peter Moffatt (1869-1920), Gang leader in Victorian Salford, where disaffected and underemployed youths participated in inter-communal violence, known as scuttling. The despairing magistrates wanted to re-instate birching, but the Home Secretary forbade it. Imprisoned in Strangeways as many as ten times, on the day of release from one stretch, Peter assaulted stabbed John Allmark, leader of a rival gang, and went straight back to prison. As depicted on the BBC program “The Secret History of my Family”;
  • William Moffett (1827-1868), Cooper, and Grand Master of the Odd-Fellows;
  • The brothers James (1870-1943) and Robert William (1875-1945) Moffett, and their respective families in the first half of the 20th century.

29 Feb 2016 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database. New material including:
  • Aaron Moffet (1886-1963), who emigrated from County Antrim to Vancouver, Canada;
  • Norman Moffett (1909-1994), Newcastle upon Tyne, plus dates for his wife, brothers and sister;
  • The brothers Alfred (1899-1978) and Joseph Robert (1901-1972) Moffatt, who married the sisters Ada Annie and Margaret Newman.

25 Jan 2016 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database. New material including:
  • Norman Moffett (1909-1994), Newcastle upon Tyne, plus his family and his siblings.

30 December 2015 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • including much new material derived from a visit to GRO Edinburgh by Colin Moffat;
  • Joseph Moffat (1870-1944) umbrella manufacturer from Arbroath.

28 November 2015 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Harry Nathaniel Moffatt (1871-1929) who ran off to New Zealand, and his son Roy Harry Moss Moffatt (1900-1969) and grandson Harry St Clair Moffatt (1925-2003), both of whom remained in the UK.

2 November 2015 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • John Moffett (1822-1871) of South Shields, manufacturer of mirrors, who moved to Islington;
  • The liaison between Thomas Moffat (1839-1886) and Catherine Hinshelwood. Thomas’ parental family, and the family of his extra-marital child John Hinshelwood Moffat b 1857;
  • WW1 NZEF veteran William Robert Moffat, who had 2 daughters with his wife Mary, and a son with his partner Bridget Meere. Also his brother John Henry Moffat (1882-1917), also NZEF, who died at Ypres;
  • Charting the family of Harry Lowry Moffitt (1883-1916), ANZAC soldier who died at Fromelles, France, back to its origin in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland.

1 October 2015 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • John Moffat (1885-1963), farmer, Dumfriesshire, who married
    1. Mary Jane Fletcher (1885-1915), who died during childbirth
    2. Helen McQueen (1876-1954)

31 August 2015 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Family of Richard Cornwall Moffat (1919-1977), coal miner of Fife, Scotland, and his wife Christina Muir (1920-1998);
  • The life of William Moffat, master tailor to the Army (1862-1946), his wife Helen Oliver (1860-1933), and their children born in Scotland, England and Ireland;
  • John Moffat (1887-1964), Lochmaben, Scotland, who married Teresa McQuade (1887-1967), Rutherglen, Glasgow, and moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts.

28 July 2015 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • A corrected death date for Robin Forbes Moffatt (1932-2010);
  • A more detailed note on the WW2 career of RAF Test pilot Alan Ormerod Moffet (1920-1945), the 70th anniversary of whose death was commemorated by the Blaby Heritage Group with a Memorial Seat.

1 July 2015 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Hamilton Moffatt (1832-1894) Son of Naval Commander John Moffat. He emigrated to Canada, and was the first European to cross and map the mountain range in Victoria Island;
  • Mary Stewart Moffat (1938-2009), Dumfries, author of children’s books.

1 June 2015 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Michael Moffat (b 1876) County Sligo, and his wife Bridget Foley, who lived in Govan, Glasgow, before moving on;
  • Thomas Shaw Moffat (1899-1966), married (1) Annie McInnes, and (2) Esther Moffat, the latter the daughter of John Moffat (1879-1958) and Mary Sweeney.

28 April 2015 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • William Moffat (b 1860) maker of packing boxes, Glasgow, and his wife Jane Forrester as well as their nine children, born 1884 through 1899.

31 Mar 2015 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Emma Frances Moffat (1813-1877), who married Joseph West;
  • More information from County Mayo, including Annie Doyle (1880-1957) who married Bernard Moffitt;
  • Maria Moffitt (1881-1972) who married Robert Morris, Leigh, Lancashire.

2 Mar 2015 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Elizabeth Moffat (1852-1914), who married John Fairbairn (1853-1922) of Bedrule, Roxburghshire;
  • A conjecture that William Moffat, b Leith ca 1800, who married Janet Barclay is in fact the son of William Moffat and Elizabeth Nellson, and b Leith 11.2.1802.

17 Jan 2015 An early February update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • The family of Thomas Moffat (1852-1929), plasterer, of Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, who married Margaret Davidson;
  • Richard Charles Muffett (1895-1984) of Shouldham Thorpe, Norfolk, whose daughter Barbara married Patrick Cottington.

2 Jan 2015 - Happy New Year An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • The family of George Henry Moffett (1875-1963), South African, and step-son (adopted son) of William Moffett of Ireland.;
  • John Coutts (1837-1911) and his wife Elizabeth Moffat (1842-1925), who married in Peebles, but went gold-mining in New Zealand.

29 Nov 2014 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Joseph Barker Moffatt (1824-1862), mariner, lost at sea, whose wife, Elizabeth Donnison re-married to Philip McGahan, emigrated to the USA, and used Moffatt as the family name;
  • Identification of Agnes Cuthbert (1855-1913), and her two husbands who pre-deceased her, before in 1899 she married James Moffat (1862-1955) (his second marriage), and in the same year gave birth to Robert Scott Moffat.

3 Nov 2014 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • John Moffat (1826-1879) who married Agnes Jackson (1821-1875), from Ayrshire, worked as a boilermaker in Glasgow. His extensive family is detailed;
  • James Frederick Moffatt (1865-1925) from Liverpool, but who settled in Goole, Yorkshire, and his family;
  • Greater accuracy in names and dates concerning the Moffitt families of Tobercurry in County Sligo, Ireland.

1 Oct 2014 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • New material on Hilda Moffett (1898-1979) who married Joseph Leonard Plant, and her family, including Constance Phyllis Moffett, who married Eric Puckle.

25 Aug 2014 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Graham Moffatt(1919-1965) comic and character film actor who starred with Will Hay;
  • Frank Williamson Moffat (1900-1933) and his family from Dundee;
  • Bennett Peacock Moffat (1886-1957) and his family from Leven, Fife.

23 Aug 2014 An update to the Clan Moffat Genealogy database:
  • A number of small additions and correction;
  • Added information gathered by Roger Moffat and Colin Moffat on the Moffitt ancestors of Tennis Great Billie Jean King and her brother Major League Baseball pitcher Randy Moffitt.

18 Jul 2014 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Information of the family contained in the Diary of Caroline Eliza Sanderson (1841-1933), who married Alexander Charles Baddeley Moffat, and many of whose children built a new life in Argentina.

5 Jun 2014 An update to the Clan Moffat UK database:
  • Information of the family of Robert Crookall Moffat and Elizabeth O’Grady. He was captain of a dredger from Fleetwood, and who moved to Dublin.;
  • Information on the family of Reginald Grahame Moffat who married in Malta to Winifred Gladys Clucas, who so disliked her forenames that she was known as Ann.

2 Apr 2008 - We are pleased to announce that our genealogical database has been augmented by the addition of some 15,000 new “Moffat” entries, as compiled by the genealogist of the Clan Moffat UK & Eire. These entries are mostly limited to Great Britain,  and limited to those bearing the name “Moffat” (or variant), as well as the husbands of Moffat women who marry. Its major advantage is that it contains ALL the Moffats resident in England, Scotland and Wales listed in the 1881 census, so that if your Moffat ancestor was in Great Britain during 1881, s/he will be in the database. Conversely, if s/he is missing, you can assume the person to be deceased, to have emigrated or, in the case of women, to have married and be using a different surname. Our goal is to increase the coverage to all Moffats listed in the UK Censuses 1841 – 1901. Please click here for a more detailed description of the database.
This database will be upgraded on a monthly basis. If you have corrections or additions to this database, please submit them to the genealogist using the SUGGEST facility, so that they can be incorporated in a subsequent upgrade.


Clan Moffat Genealogy Online
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Last Import: 27 Jul 2016 - Clan Moffat UK - 39,248 individuals.
Last Import: 28 Jun 2016 - Clan Moffat Genealogy - 77,267 individuals.
In Memoriam
Deaths within the last 250 days
Betty Marie Moffett - 20 March 1941 - 9 May 2016
William Karl Thompson - 4 December 1932 - 21 April 2016
Janice Elaine BLANSHARD - 11 April 1953 - 12 March 2016
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Peter Craven
A researcher writes "I am hoping to get into the DAR and the only thing I am missing is something connecting the above Peter Craven to his son, John R. Craven (1793-1858). I have proved that Peter is Thomas, Esq's son and that John R. is Eli's father (my great great grandfather). Do you know if Peter made a will? I have Thomas's will and John R's." If anyone can help please contact us through this site.
    |     Peter Craven
Hugh Moffat
Hugh Moffat was Mayor of Detroit during the 1870s. If you have any information about him please contact me
    |     Hugh Moffat
Looking for Descendants of Earl Cary.
A researcher is looking to make contact with any descendants of Earl Cary who might have information about his flying career with the RAF during World War II.
    |     Earl Cary
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Betty Moffitt and James Hook
Betty Moffitt and James Hook
Birth Record for Helen Moffat
Birth Record for Helen Moffat

This Day in Moffat Family History
Birthdays for 30 August 2016
James MOFFAT - 1687
Janet MOFFAT - 1758
Janet Moffat - 1758
James MOFFAT - 1778
Thomas MUFFITT - 1790
Mary Ann Moffett - 1801
Sarah Allison Giffen - 1810
John Moffitt - 1814
Ritchie Lockhart Love - 1817
Zelotia Carothers - 1821
Alpheus Richards - 1831
Christiana Margaret MOFFAT - 1831
Andrew Moffat - 1836
Rhoda Fanny Mayette Richards - 1838
Horace “Harry” Fulton Maffet - 1845
Charles Muffet - 1845
Mary GRANGER - 1846
William Chappel Moffitt - 1850
Margaret Jane Johnson - 1851
John Cleezy or Clezy Moffat - 1853
John Clezy MOFFAT - 1853
Martha E. Moffett - 1854
Ella G. Manchester - 1855
Andrew Moffat - 1858
Andrew MOFFAT - 1858
John James MOFFAT - 1860
Jane MOFFAT - 1862
James MOFFAT - 1863
Peter MOFFAT - 1875
Andrew John Moffat - 1880
Helen MOFFAT - 1880
Frank Smith - 1881
Horace Barclay Moffitt - 1883
Matilda MOFFAT - 1883
Herbert Reese Moffat - 1883
Owen Moffett Skaggs - 1886
Louis Moseley Moffitt - 1890
Harry Scott Speight - 1890
Janet Ann MOFFAT - 1893
Isabella Livingstone Clark MOFFAT - 1898
Vernon Isedore Castle - 1900
John Franklin Moffett - 1900
Lola Emaline Fleming - 1901
Eva Florence JENSEN - 1904
Donald Johnston Howell - 1908
Ava Carol Havard - 1909
Janet Marshall Blackley - 1913
Hugh Henry Hunter - 1914
Annie Jeannette Moffatt - 1915
Matthew Lenz - 1922
Mary L. Brummett - 1923
Mary Marie Muse - 1924
Evelyn Fay Edwards - 1945
Deaths for 30 August 2016
Richard MOFFAT - 1740
Richard Moffat - 1740
Thomas Moffett - 1814
Daniel Richards - 1823
John Scott - 1835
Barbara Ellen Craven - 1851
Ann MOFFAT - 1851
Balthasar Sours - 1863
Christina MOFFAT - 1863
David MOFFAT - 1872
Adam Moffitt - 1873
Hugh Lindley Hickman - 1878
Robert MOFFAT - 1886
James J. Kirkpatrick - 1886
William MOFFAT - 1895
Susan [--?--] - 1896
Margaret MOFFAT - 1900
Charles CHAPPELL - 1906
Alison HOOD - 1909
Elizabeth CRAISE - 1914
Archibald MOFFAT - 1918
Theodore Frelingheysen Wood - 1925
Melvin Mallett - 1928
Stella Rouge\Rouse - 1932
Nazariah Gaston Moffitt - 1935
Alexander MOFFAT - 1935
Samuel Johnston Moffat - 1939
William Morris - 1944
Wilbur Stanley Muffett - 1945
Etta Rose Brown - 1946
Foster Olmstead - 1950
Allan MOFFAT - 1951
George W Maffet - 1961
John Wesley Moffitt - 1961
Johan Oskar (Lång Oskar) Andersson - 1968
Harriet Crangle Moffat - 1973
Harold John Zahner - 1977
Glanceau Kaufman - 1977
Thelma Inez Anderson - 1980
Jane King Blane - 1983
Grace Leanne Land - 1983
George W. Maffitt - 1983
Clifford Edward Laidlaw - 1984
Norma Charvyn MOFFAT - 1984
Janet Rae Burch - 1988
Jesse Woodall Moffett - 2002
Alexander Irvine MOFFAT - 2003
James Stuart MOFFAT - 2007

Top 10 Surnames
Anniversaries for 30 August 2016
George Athey & Sarah "Sally" Maffett - 1811
James C. Moffitt & Mary "Polly" Van Dorn - 1823
James MOFFAT & Janet CHRISTIE - 1829
William MOFFAT & Janet SHAW - 1849
Allan MOFFAT & Helen REID - 1850
William WRIGHT & Rachel MOFFAT - 1853
John MOFFAT & Elizabeth BOYLE - 1875
William Robert Moffitt & Ida Fairfax Allen - 1883
Alva L. Moffitt & Mina Keaton - 1891
Samuel David Jobe & Jennie May Moffitt - 1899
Horace Barclay Moffitt & Mary Healy - 1905
Andrew James Moffitt & Myra Parker Clark - 1905
Robert MOFFAT & Caroline MONKHOUSE - 1907
David Wilson MOFFAT & Catherine COUPLAND - 1912
Charles SHEARMAN & Marion MOFFAT - 1912
John Mahlon Morris & Rosa Lee Daniel - 1916
Elsworth Darling & Hattie Moffitt - 1924
Zack E. Robinson & Carrie Ruby Moffett - 1924
Wilson H. Feldman & Marian Elizabeth Moffat - 1929
Duane Fremont Craven & Mildred Kathryn Gregory - 1933
Wendell James Boden & Annie Jeannette Moffatt - 1939


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  • The Clan Moffat Society tree is a compilation of the genealogies submitted to the Clan Moffat Society by its Members over more than 20 years. Expand (more...)
  • The Clan Moffat UK tree is based mainly on the 1881 UK census as indexed and published on CD by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Expand (more...)
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